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Glam Rock Bar 2008

Well…it was a muddy one this year and if you made it through the sludge to the Glamrock bar then, ‘thanks for your support’.  If you didn’t make it then, ‘where were you?’ You missed the best two party nights in West Wales since last years festival.

Did you know that other than ticket sales and sponsorship, the Glamrock bar is the only other money raising part of the festival.  All the crew are volunteers and each and every penny we take over that sparkly bar goes back into the festival to pay for those fences, much needed metal roads, porta loos and the delightful security, etc.  If you propped our bar up than thanks you lovely, lovely peeps

So what did you get for your money…? Well… you got super sexy bar staff, groovy tunes from all our favourite DJ’s; Mickey did us proud with his rare rock and roll set, Euge played around with the funky soul, Ben was grooving, Gareth was moving, Sparks and Daf were ducking and diving, Alex saved the day when Dunny went awol and Nixi bought her mobile disco and of course we were spoiled with the girlie treat that is Wika and Flame.

Erika was glued to the podium, Cleas pants faded with the amount of light they were exposed to with all that flashing, Toda’s vests were so white they were blinding.  Charlie, Merik, Roddy and Matt worked like drones to get it all together, Gareth illuminated us and Jones and Clea, well it just wouldn’t happen without them.

Oh my God then there was Twister the hoopla girl on the bar who is so wicked it’s almost too bad.  Behind the bar Alison looked ravishing in her new red dress and Eliza sparkled like a fairy, Kristy and Cherylee were saucy minx’s and well that Ruth is a cheeky fairy and Jonx and Tom well there just special.  And even YOU, you lot all made an effort and dressed up this year, next year if you want to see all the groovy groovers you know where to come.

We were bigger and better this year with Soozies village fair on Saturday which was opened by our resident vicar Woddy, we had coconut shy’s, sponge throwing and Mag’s crazy hat blanket.  We also had the Scrap Yard boutique selling groovy togs to all.

So big thanks to Soozie and her team and Lydia and her crew for adding to the spectacle that is GLAMROCK.

If you propped our bar up than thanks you lovely, lovely peeps we couldn’t do it without you, your Glamrock needs you.  See you next year! Love and Peas

More pics to follow, OR if you’ve got any to share then forward them to us here, OR you can leave comments for us at  Let us know your best Glamrock bits.  Keep in touch!!  See you next year. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX