Green Futures

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Green Futures 2008

This year the Green Futures area was bigger and better than ever, despite the muddy start! In the pouring rain during set up, our team of Green volunteers teamed up the the Moon Room volunteers to give you a lovely space to come and relax in & enjoy. We created a 20 foot Labyrinth, which nearly everyone walked through, as well as a large outdoor stage space for Belly Dancers, Pyropixie shows and more. Actually, our area was Green in more ways than one, as after 3 days of the festival only the ground in the Labyrinth and our stage area were green not brown….We all found ourselves drinking chai by the gallon thanks to the Chai Chapel guys, and we just about managed to get the Cob Oven going by day 2 when we finally made some yummy pizzas in the Acoustic tent (see pic below!).There were also several recycled/handmade craft & clothing stalls, Dan Blackburn’s Veg Oil Motoring, Baubo Moon Room Women’s Space, as well as many green stalls in the Green Futures Marquee, including Transition Towns, West Wales Ecocentre, Lammas Ecovillage, GM Free Cymru, and more….Here are some pics of the Green Futures area 2008, do email us if you have any more. We are looking forward to an even better green area in 2009, maybe we’ll even be able to organise a solar shower or two…. contact me if you have any ideas or want to helpĀ